3rd SIMPOSIUM nanoBIOSOMA: Design, Develpment and Production of Nanocarriers and Nanovehicles

July 18-19, 2022, School of Chemistry, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

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Nanocontainers y Nanovehicles for

the delivery and release of bioactive agents






The NANOBIOCARGO Consortium emerges as an evolution of the research developed in the last twelve years by the previous consortiums NANOBIO-M (S-0505 / MAT / 0283), NOBIMAT-M (S2009MAT-1507) and NANOBIOSOMA (S2013 / MIT-2807), integrated by a series of research groups from the Community of Madrid (CM) interested in the development of new nanotechnologies and new bioinspired materials. Uisng a "bottom-up" approach, these previous research activities have allowed to explore the capacity of assembly, manipulation, and modification at the nanoscale scale and in a controllable manner, of the essential physical-chemical properties of a series of nanobiomaterials and self-organized nanosystems. This previous research has allowed the consortium to select a collection of nanostructures whose assembly, manipulation and characterization are mastered, and which have properties susceptible of application and technological development.




The NANOBIOCARGO consortium intends to use the experience obtained with respect to the nanodevices generated in the previous project and other second generation that will be produced during this project, in concept tests of novel vehicle strategies aimed at the systemic treatment of various diseases, vaccine development, application of genetic therapies or treatment of multiresistant infections.

The NANOBIOCARGO consortium will therefore take the technology and materials developed by the previous consortiums to apply them to the biological problems of great social relevance described above, and will do so not only thanks to the coordinated work of the consortium members but also to the the collaboration with other associated groups and, above all, with a series of companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological fields. This collaborative work has already taken place during the NANOBIOSOMA project, which has led to a first national meeting attended by all researchers working in this field (1st Symposium on Design, Development and Production of Nanocarriers and Nanovehicles Madrid, July 12 and 13, 2018, www.nanobiosoma.org), which should be the core of the association of researchers that NANOBIOCARGO will try to create around the technologies described here.


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The NANOBIOCARGO consortium maintains the core of previous consortiums, retaining the ability to design and produce modified forms of nanocontainers of different nature, to generate proof of concepts that show their ability to integrate proteins, drugs and genetic material and load them into environmental or biomedical vehicles. And this is thanks to multidisciplinary approaches in which structural biology, biophysics, synthesis chemistry, materials physics or molecular and cellular biology are integrated in a regular and highly efficient way. With respect to previous consortiums, NANOBIOCARGO also increases its potential through a much more direct interaction with several companies, not only from Madrid, but also national and international. It is expected, as a result of greater impact of NANOBIOCARGO, the preparation of a catalog of nanocontainers, loading strategies and technology for handling, vehiculization and release of agents of potential therapeutic capacity, applicable to multiple purposes in the environmental and biomedical fields.